Welcome to Images by Davenport

All of the photographs shown in our gallery can be purchased for your daily enjoyment.  For information, please contact Keith or Wanda Davenport at 816-463-3319 or info@imagesbydavenport.com.


Our goal is to capture the essence of the beauty of the world so that others may experience the miracles of nature that we have experienced.

Look through our gallery to see:

  • The mother and father bald eagles as they nurture their eaglet.
  • american bald eagle
  • The expressions on the faces of the grizzly bears in Alaska.
  • The moose as they race through the snow in the Grand Teton's.
  • The light at the base of  El Capitan as a snow storm moves through Yosemite valley.
  • The morning light on Moulton’s Barn in the Grand Teton's.
  • The fresh snow on the roof tops of buildings on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, which is our home.

Please join us in celebrating the world we live in.